#NowFollowing | Celebrating Indigenous Voices:  Influential Creators, Activists, and Storytellers to Follow

We believe in uplifting Indigenous voices year-round, not only during awareness months. Indigenous creators, activists, and storytellers play a crucial role in enriching our social media landscape with their powerful narratives.

In this edition of Now Following, we’re excited to spotlight six incredible Indigenous influencers in Canada who are making a significant impact online.

We had a hard time picking, so stay tuned for a second instalment.  

Shina Nova

Shina Nova is a Inuk creator based in Northern, Quebec who is a passionate advocate for Indigenous rights and mental health. Shina has amassed over six million followers across platforms and initially went viral after sharing videos of her throat singing. Shina's powerful connection with her mother is evident in their shared TikTok moments, where they throat sing together, creating beautiful and meaningful memories.

Tia Wood

Tia Wood is an Indigenous advocate, singer and content creator. She originally rocked the social media world with her Make it Indigenous video where she mixed her Cree and Salish cultures–we still get shivers when we listen to it.

Now, Tia focuses on blending  R&B with Indigenous sounds, infusing her work with joy and defiance against stereotypes. She proudly showcases a wealth of talent, and stories about her cultures.  

James Jones (Notorious Cree)

James Jones, also known as Notorious Cree on TikTok and Instagram, is a Nêhiyaw (Cree) activist, performer, artist, and speaker from northern Alberta. With a global following of over four million followers, James uses his platforms to educate and raise awareness about Indigenous matters impacting communities worldwide. As a traditional hoop and powwow dancer, he dedicates himself to inspiring future generations by reclaiming his culture and encouraging others to do the same.

Owen Unruh

Owen Unruh (he/they), is a Two-Spirit Cree model, dancer, and content creator, from Unceded Coast Salish Territory. Overcoming a decade-long addiction, he discovered his purpose in supporting others facing their own challenges. Owen aims to empower others to do the same. His passions lie in wellness, fashion, and fitness, which he showcases through the lens of his lived experience as an Indigenous Person in recovery from addiction. With authentic self-expression, he aspires to be a positive Queer and Indigenous representation in the media.

Sherry McKay

Sherry Mckay is a proud Ojibway Anishinabe from Treaty 1 Territory and a member of the Sakgeeng First Nation in Manitoba. With a TikTok following of over half a million, Sherry uses her platform to bring laughter to her audiences through her comedy—we love her contagious laugh. She also sparks important conversations on systemic racism, cultural appropriation, and important topics like  MMIWG2S (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit).

Willow Allen

Willow Allen, is a powerful force both on social media and in the world of modelling. Growing up in Inuvik, N.W.T, she started sharing videos about her daily life, showcasing activities like skiing, muskrat trapping, and bannock-making, giving viewers a glimpse into her life. Her Instagram and TikTok  offer a glimpse of her exciting modelling journey and her culture.

Following Indigenous creators, activists, and storytellers is not only an opportunity to immerse ourselves in diverse and powerful content, but it's also a way to support and uplift voices that have historically been marginalized. By amplifying their perspectives, we contribute to a more inclusive and culturally enriched online community. Let's continue to celebrate and learn from these inspirational creators and ensure that their voices are heard year round.

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