How hard can it be to take care of Canada’s biggest city?

Not your usual union campaign with CUPE Local 79.
WATCH: How hard can it be?

Toronto’s CUPE Local 79 works hard for their neighbours.

But not everybody sees it that way. Meet City Councillor Bob Cutz, who’s determined to slash costs at any cost. He may be fictional, but the policies he represents are anything but.

WATCH: Cutz vs Zach
WATCH: Cutz vs Sheerah

To support the union through critical contract negotiations, we asked Torontonians to think about about the countless jobs that keep our city running, playing, healing and growing. Surely they’re jobs that anyone can do, right? After all, how hard could they be?

Well, it turns out that it actually takes the right people to care for Toronto’s kids, support our elderly neighbours, ensure safe food and clean water, connect people with employment and keep our rec centres open (plus a whole lot more). People with experience, compassion and empathy. People like the members of Local 79.

Serious stories told with a smile.

Conventional union advertising is often quickly forgotten. So we wanted a memorable way to make people laugh, think, then stand up for their neighbours. Through TV, radio, web, earned media and out-of-home activations, we made sure Local 79 was on Toronto’s mind.

A website worthy of the work.

As part of the campaign, we gave the CUPE Local 79 site the makeover it deserved, weaving storytelling and education together to celebrate the members and reveal the challenges they face.

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