Fighting misinformation in a moment.

Fake news is everywhere. But you don’t need to be a journalist to help do something about it.
WATCH | Doubt It with Peter Mansbridge

Doubt it? Check it. Challenge it.

When fake news spreads, it happens in an instant. We like, we forward, we share. Often without thinking at all. But all it takes a little moment of doubt to make a big impact on the problem.

WATCH | Doubt It with Supriya Dwivedi
WATCH | Check It with Lisa LaFlamme

Along with the Canadian Journalism Foundation and their sponsoring partner Google, we wanted to make fighting fake news easy in the lead-up to the Canadian federal election. And rather than getting bogged down in the politics and technology so often at the centre of the debate, we embraced something that spans the political spectrum and the technological divide: skepticism.

With simple, memorable messages, bite-sized tips and tricks, and the help of a few of Canada’s most prominent journalists, we wove together a campaign that asked people to take a second for a second thought.

A connected conversation.

From a launch at Google’s Canada HQ to full-page newspaper ads to collaborations with YouTube stars AsapSCIENCE, the work was a coordinated effort across the world of news and information.

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