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It’s been roughly a month since I started at Media Profile as an intern, and it’s certainly been a busy time mastering daily tasks like media monitoring and tracking—not to mention adjusting to a new environment with plenty of fresh faces. But the streamlined onboarding process and Media Profile’s welcoming staff (special shoutout to my MP buddy Molly) ensured the training was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. 

Here’s what you can expect from the first month on the job at MP:

Week One

While you may be anxious about what to expect from your first week—a natural response—know thatyou don’t need to be. Media Profile’s HR team will supply you with a schedule for your first month so you never feel blindsided by meetings or other obligations. As you to try your hardest to pick things up, the leadership at MP recognizes that this is the time for you to ask questions and become adjusted to your new workflows. 

Right away, you’ll notice the first two weeks are stacked with training sessions. This will account for approximately three to four hours of each day during this period, and content ranges from basic details about agency work like inputting billable hours and pay to more specific software training for programs including Meltwater and MRP. These tools are essential for media and social media monitoring and data tracking: So pay attention and ask all your questions! That said, there will be multiple sessions, so don’t stress if you feel a little overwhelmed at first.

Training sessions are facilitated by coordinators and consultants across different accounts. This not only gives you a chance to meet and speak with your new co-workers—introducing yourself in a one-on-one setting rather than a large group—but also gives you the opportunity to ask people with varied experiences your questions, allowing for nuanced tips and tricks.

Week Two

In the second week, you can expect a greater focus on media relations training as opposed to strictly monitoring processes. This includes an in-depth review of Muck Rack, a softwareindustry professionals use to locate appropriate outlets and journalists to cover your clients’ stories. During your internship, this tool will come in handy when contributing to team media lists and finding those extra outlets to pitch.

You’ll also get an overview of Tagger, an influencer sourcing and management tool. Depending on your account or role, this software may be especially relevant to your future projects. If you’re naturally drawn to social media and influencer marketing, this is a good tool to explore prior to your start date.

Week Three

During the third week, your days should start to open up and you’ll become responsible for more of the morning media monitoring beyond simply linking the news. This could include adding notes to trackers or clipping articles for clients. 

What’s key here is that you can realistically get the media monitoring done with time to spare. During your downtime, fuel your curiousities and offer help to those around you; your efforts will not go unnoticed.

Appropriately, this week’s lone training session is about time management: A colleague will walk you through organizational best practices and help ensure you’re set up for daily and long-term success.

Week Four

By week four, you’re governing your own time. Yes, you have obligations to your accounts to monitor diligently, but besides that, you can use this time to explore and find out more about the company. Perhaps join a committee or two—I opted for the social media marketing team, because it’s given me the opportunity to write blog posts like this one.

This week will include a meeting with your VP partner, as well as a chat with Media Profile President Alison King. This is the time to learn more about the history and future of the company, as well as an opportunity to voice your opinions about the process and experience to date, including any potential improvements. Despite meeting with senior members of the management team one-on-one, I didn’t feel intimidated and I was able to be genuine in my feedback—I truly believe that my opinions were considered and valued.

Media Profile’s onboarding process and your first month are a time to learn and acclimate to your new working environment. Take advantage of this period by asking questions and engaging with your new co-workers whenever possible. Don’t be afraid to seek out opportunities; you may be surprised how much you learn when you do!

Shotaro Moore

PR Intern

#PassportToMP: MP’s Work Away makes dreams come true
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