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As soon as I joined Media Profile, I found myself dreaming about and planning my Work Away trip. Because I am a mom to two youngsters, travelling overseas felt nearly impossible with my mental health in mind. Even though I would love to do it, travelling with an energetic three and one-year-old is overly stressful. That’s why I decided to stay in Ontario and enjoy family time here—renting two cottages over a span of two weeks.

The hustle and bustle of living in the Greater Toronto Area can grow tiresome, and I crave being out in nature to rest, reset and refocus. By mid-summer, I often find myself in a lull where my productivity begins to feel low. I needed a change of scenery to benefit my mental health and overall wellbeing, allowing me to come back ready to roll. The fact that our Media Profile Work Away Benefit is flexible in terms of location and comes with a generous budget gave me peace of mind to plan the perfect trip for my family and me.

I came across an article from RapidScale about flexible work environments and I wholeheartedly agree with their statement, “Workplace flexibility leads to reduced psychological distress, work-life conflict and emotional exhaustion. It also contributes to a better night sleep and higher energy levels. This means healthier, happier employees.”

To me, mental health support in the workplace goes beyond having extended benefits for therapy (which MP does as well!). It means fostering an environment that promotes flexibility. Having a benefit like Work Away that every single employee—no matter what life stage they’re in—can take advantage of is not only impressive, but also speaks to MP’s commitment to inclusivity.

Because of the flexibility on where I could go, during the first half of my Work Away, my husband Omar and I took our kids to a cabin near Lion’s Head, which we shared with the rest of Omar’s immediate family. We spent a week there right on Lake Huron enjoying the outdoors, fresh air and good food. I instantly felt a sense of relief when I arrived. Even though I was working the majority of that time, I could sit outside by the water if I wanted to take a quick break from my screen Finishing work around 5 p.m., I still had the opportunity to enjoy time with my family and not worry about my commute to work the next day or daycare drop-off for my kids.

Week two was quieter but much more impactful, in my opinion. We rented a cottage in Coldwater, Ont. that was completely secluded, a dream come true so I could focus on work and spending time with my kiddos. My mom joined us for this leg of the trip and it was great spending quality time with her.

As a young mom, some may think it would be difficult to fit into a culture celebrating jet setting Work Aways, but what I love about Media Profile is that I can show up as I am and be equally welcomed and appreciated. This feeling extends beyond my colleagues themselves, to the company’s formal policies and benefits. Ultimately, this puts my mind and heart at ease, knowing that I don’t have to choose between different aspects of my life in order to grow and succeed in my career at MP.

Curious to learn more about MP’s adventures abroad? Stay tuned for future Our Take #PassportToMP blog posts where employees will share their work away experiences..

Mariam Nouser
Communications Coordinator

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