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As we approach Truth and Reconciliation Day on September 30th, Media Profile continues uplifting the voices of Indigenous creators, activists and storytellers who play a crucial role in enriching our social media landscape with their powerful narratives. 

In the second edition of #NowFollowing: Celebrating Indigenous Voices, we’re excited to share the profiles of six more influential creators, activists, and storytellers who are making a significant impact online and addressing vital aspects of Indigenous culture and issues.

Chelazon Leroux 

Chelazon Leroux (She/He/They) whose offstage name is Layten Byhette, is a talented Two-Spirit Dene First Nations Drag artist and comedian who starred on Canada’s Drag Race season three. Off the runway, Chelazon boasts an impressive TikTok following of over 500K, where she creates entertaining content as Auntie, a witty and unfiltered personality not afraid to tackle serious issues with a touch of humour and glamour.

Michelle Chubb

Meet Michelle Chubb, also known as Indigenous Baddie on Instagram and TikTok, proudly representing the Bunibonibee Cree Nation in northern Manitoba. With a powerful social media presence boasting over half a million followers, Michelle actively advocates for Indigenous communities by educating non-Indigenous individuals on important issues and sharing insights into ancestral practices. Notably, she was recognized as one of the 25 Top Women of Influence in 2021.

André Bear

André Bear (He/Him) is a Two-Spirit Nêhîyaw (Plains-Cree) educator and advocate for inherent and treaty rights. He is also a lawyer who utilizes his TikTok presence to drive awareness of legal issues impacting Indigenous communities. His content not only informs, but also empowers Indigenous youth to pursue careers in law and advocacy.

Marika Sila

Marika Sila, known as That Warrior Princess on social media, mesmerizes her half a million followers with stunning displays of Inuit and Indigenous fashion, showcasing her athletic skills with hoops, martial arts and fire dancing. Marika works to bridge the gap of understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, by passionately promoting reconciliation and elevating the voices of Indigenous peoples across Canada. She’s built and continues to grow a platform where she can use her voice to promote healing throughout the world. 

Kairyn Potts 

Kairyn Potts (He/Him) is a proud Two-Spirit Winkte man from the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation. Kairyn uses TikTok, Instagram and Twitch to share his culture, passions and humour with others. His youth advocacy work centres around queer Indigenous youth, youth in care, mental health awareness, Two-Spirit/gender identity and life promotion.

Nikita Elyse

Meet Nikita Kahpeaysewat (She/They) who is an environmental scientist, Indigenous researcher, model, Powwow dancer, leader and brand ambassador. She is a Nehiyaw (Plains Cree) person from the Moosomin First Nation in Saskatchewan of Treaty 6 territory in Canada. Nikita uses her social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube and TikTok to educate others on the beauty of Indigenous culture. 

Following Indigenous creators, activists, and storytellers is not only an opportunity to immerse ourselves in diverse and powerful content, but it’s also a way to support and uplift voices that have historically been marginalized. By amplifying their perspectives, we contribute to a more inclusive and culturally enriched online community. Let’s continue to celebrate and learn from these inspirational creators and ensure that their voices are heard year round.

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