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The conversations around returning to the office and in-person events are ongoing. We’ve experienced the efficiencies and liberties of working from home, so we know the benefits of the virtual experience. Successfully driving people to an event requires value or meaning to be communicated—from the invitation to the event experience itself. It needs to offer something unique, beyond the virtual.

What brings media and influencers out for a brand experience? Access in a curated, engaging and inclusive experience. Early, restricted access to a product allows attendees to create quality content in preparation for a launch date. Providing them with the ability to engage with experts establishes a sense of confidence and authenticity in their content and messaging. And arranging a curated space and aesthetic for the event allows them to capture visual elements that stand out.

Recently, Media Profile designed an experience to give lifestyle and technology media and influencers a preview of Google’s newest Pixel devices under embargo, which just so happened to lift today. Doing so required two dedicated events: One with a lifestyle focus and one specifically geared for techy types.

The Pixel 7a smartphone was the focal point of the experience, debuted to guests at the Museum of Illusions—an interactive, Instagrammable venue that provided the perfect backdrop to test the new phone’s camera. Meanwhile, technology media, reviewers and YouTube creators were treated to a sandbox-style demo with product managers, allowing everyone to ask detailed questions and prepare them for when the news officially dropped.

But that’s not where our affinity for events begins or ends. We kicked off 2023 by conjuring an early spring with some flower power to host a preview of new and trending seasonal offerings for The Home Depot Canada (THDC). The curated, visually compelling decor and tech showcase served plenty of photo-worthy stations along with food prepared on THDC’s newest BBQs and pizza ovens using fresh ingredients from the THDC gardens. And in true MP fashion, we sent all of our guests home with a reusable branded goodie bag filled with custom florals and chocolates, vegetable seeds for their own gardens and an herb plant of their choice—from thyme and mint to basil and rosemary.

For Ruffino Wines, we brought influencer couples together right before Valentine’s Day for an authentic pasta-making event at Tiny Market Co. With the guidance of Erich Mrak and Danielle Hinton-Barber, guests made and tasted dishes paired with Ruffino Prosecco and Prosecco Rosé. What’s a pasta-making class if you can’t recreate the experience at home? We sent all attendees home with bottles of Ruffino Prosecco and Prosecco Rosé so they could extend the Valentine’s Day vibes.

We’re proud of the experiences we’ve created, but we’re even more excited about what’s to come. With a momentous summer ahead, get RSVP-ready for even more innovative events in collaboration with our world-class clients. We can’t wait to see you there!


Eric Kular

Account Coordinator

#PassportToMP: The Big Slow
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