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As a kid, my father told me it’s harder not to do things than to buckle down and get them done.

“You’ll waste more time making excuses for the things you didn’t do, and nobody likes to hear that story,” he told me.

So, when the opportunity for change presented itself after two years of lockdowns and assisting three kids through virtual school, I knew it was time to get back into college if I ever wanted to switch gears and change my career to chase my dreams.

An eight-month post-grad course was the perfect fit for getting in and out of school in a timeframe that wouldn’t interfere too much with my young family. A Public Relations and Corporate Communications course allowed me to upgrade and understand current software platforms with jargon that seemed out of reach whenever I scrolled LinkedIn job postings. Also, was my resume even relevant after 15+ years?

While I was closer in age to my instructors than I was to my classmates, my courses have gone extremely well, and it was refreshing to have a new goal with clear steps toward success. My children got used to hearing about the PR world and they helped me with their expansive knowledge of YouTube and TikTok Influencers. They also got a firm understanding of time management and strict deadlines, something that fell out of practice during COVID.

The final semester of the program requires a field placement in a Public Relations office, which was exciting and overwhelming all at once. I’m fortunate to find myself at Media Profile, an agency well out of reach to me less than a year ago. Upgrading the sweatpants and transitioning to the demands of real-world expectations was the best decision I’ve made in many years.

Media Profile is an exciting, vibrant and creative powerhouse. The energy and kindness given to a newbie in the world of PR is more than I anticipated. The bridge between what I learned in college and what is applied in an agency appears to be relatively seamless.

Opportunities often arise out of the worst situations, as we learned through the pandemic. When a silver lining presents itself, it’s an opportune time to gather confidence and pursue a bold new venture. Setting sights on a fresh horizon when we feel stuck can lead to personal accomplishments with a big impact. Ask the tough questions and pursue your passions. 

Eight months of hard work flew by, and I am now on track to finish my college program. Having it in the rearview mirror is far better than having the what if haunt me. And now, there is an inspirational story to tell—which I hope is more interesting than listing reasons detailing why I didn’t get it done!

Christine Fulton

Student Intern

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