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After nearly two years of working from home, I decided to take advantage of Media Profile’s Work Away Benefit. With Media Profile’s pre-existing flexibility, I’ve travelled to Sarasota eight times in the winters past to recharge and balance my work and life. While away, I have always had a strong desire to stay on top of things, and being able to easily connect with our network and colleagues made it feel like I was working from home when, in fact, I was away enjoying a more extended stay in the sunshine state. 

Although there are so many great places I could have gone, Florida was at the top of my list. After numerous lockdowns and pandemic-related restrictions, I was keen to travel outside the country again. I arranged to stay at my friend’s house, about a fifteen-minute drive from Siesta Key beach, the number one beach in the USA. As a beachaholic, I can talk for hours and hours about the beauty of the Siesta Key beach—from its crisp, white sand made of quartz to the amazingly bright sun and unusually greenish ocean water.

My wonderful friend and former colleague Mara Matson hosted me at her home in Sarasota for most of the trip. I cannot thank her enough for making this trip happen and creating an environment where I could easily balance my life and work. Reliable internet access allowed me to connect to online meetings, gave me full access to my documents through SharePoint and provided the comfort and security of home with a change of scenery.

Taking a few vacation days during this time gave me added opportunities to go to the beach, enjoy the gorgeous sunsets, gather with my friends for happy hours and swim in the heated pool. Going to work in a place with warm weather is like going on vacation. It feels so good to be shopping for bathing suits, tank tops and other summer clothes in the winter, knowing there’s warm weather and sunny days not too far ahead. Waking up to a bright sun, blue skies and warmth makes me feel so happy and relaxed.

The hotel I stayed at during my first week in Florida was surrounded by beautiful palms that made me feel like I was in an oasis, even on those busy work days when I barely ventured out. My new routine included morning workouts at the gym and long walks along the water in the evenings. I took a yoga class at the beach overlooking gorgeous sunsets. It was an amazing and relaxing time with the best weather I have ever experienced in Sarasota.

This was an incredible experience and Sarasota really was the perfect place for my 2022 Work Away. A sincere thank you to our president Alison King and our company for continuing to offer this incredible Work Away Benefit.

I am so proud to work at a company that provides all our employees with the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world, ensuring a more perfect balance between work and life.

Curious to learn more about MP’s adventures abroad? Stay tuned for future Our Take #PassportToMP blog posts where employees will share their work away experiences..

Nelli Sofiyenko

Director of Finance 

#PassportToMP: Reuniting with Family
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