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International Women’s Day is traditionally a time to celebrate female empowerment, leadership and recognize our role models. There are many who have inspired me throughout my career. I’m proud to be a female leader and am surrounded by smart, creative and big-hearted women at Media Profile.

This year my thoughts and solidarity are with the women of Ukraine. The news is filled with their plight and individual stories of courage and determination. I am awestruck by the incredible resilience and unfailing hope of these women. Recent reports estimate two million Ukrainians (mostly women and children) have fled the country seeking refuge in bordering countries like Poland and Hungary. But many women are also refusing to leave and are arming themselves for battle in once peaceful neighbourhoods. Still more women entrenched in the conflict are providing humanitarian support, medical assistance and essential services to their communities. Their bravery is both heartbreaking and inspiring.

History demonstrates that women and children often suffer the most during war. As we witness this cruel war on our devices and televisions it’s hard not to feel helpless. But we do not need to feel this way because there are actions we can take in solidarity with our Ukrainian sisters.

Today I salute the determination, strength and courage of these women with a donation to the Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights.

Alison King

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