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Happy New Year! I speak for everyone at MP when I say we are indeed happy to have 2020 behind us. And although we’re not in the clear yet, the arrival of vaccines makes us hopeful about getting back to “normal” and the possibility of returning to our office this year.

One silver lining of 2020 for Media Profile was the creation of this blog as a way to share our collective intelligence. When we closed our office doors in March, client activity changed, and we looked for new ways of expressing our knowledge and value. We put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard), and Our Take was born.

After reading more than 25 posts, I’ve learned a lot from my colleagues and hope you have too. While we will continue to share the perspectives of our staff, I’m thrilled to announce a new initiative for 2021.

Starting next week, we will be featuring guest bloggers on Our Take from BIPOC and LGBTQ2S communities. Our goal is to feature remarkable people doing groundbreaking work relevant to the public relations industry.

Media Profile has been evaluating how we can become a more diverse and inclusive organization. As part of this long-term, multi-faceted commitment, we’re exploring ways to improve things internally as well as opportunities to amplify voices outside of our organization, especially those with different abilities and backgrounds with whom we have a personal or professional connection. For example, some of the guest bloggers you’ll hear from are members of the media and influencers we’ve collaborated with on recent campaigns.

We can’t wait to introduce you to some of the incredible people who inspire us every day.

Alison King

Your inner child at work: curiosity, skepticism, and the art of asking questions
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