Meet  our  Leadership  Team

Our leadership group is strong, cohesive and varied in its talent and expertise. We've worked as a team for more than a decade, and together we have over a century of experience. We're industry veterans with a tenacious drive to learn and stay at the forefront of emerging communications approaches and technologies. Most importantly, we own Media Profile, which means we're hugely invested in making sure our clients are happy and our agency is successful.

Alison King President

Alison King is a trusted PR pro, committed mentor and great boss – in other words, everything you would expect from the president of Canada's most proudly independent communications agency. She's been an industry leader for more than two decades and has earned the respect and trust of the CEOs of Canada's largest brands and the editors of the country's busiest newsrooms. Alison's success can be attributed, in large part, to her natural ability to connect with people. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Alison never stops learning and evolving and encourages others to do the same.

David Wills Senior Vice President

David Wills understands the importance of a strong narrative, clear messages and a compelling delivery. He draws on his natural storytelling abilities to help clients weave their messages together in a powerful way. David's approach is informed by his prior work as a newspaper reporter and political aide at Queen's Park. After more than 20 years at Media Profile, David is much more than just a storyteller. He's a trusted and respected advisor to his clients. He has media trained CEOs and senior government bureaucrats, leaders of movements, as well as high profile and aspiring politicians. David is a regular commentator on Global TV's Morning Show as well as The John Oakley Show on AM640.

John Thibodeau Senior Vice President

John Thibodeau has a unique ability to cut through noise and deliver levelheaded strategic counsel. As his clients will tell you, his thoughtfulness, analytical approach and ability to see both the big picture and the small details are what make him an integral member of their communications teams. John specializes in developing full-scale brand and corporate communications programs and has worked with some of Canada's largest blue-chip companies. John draws upon his rich experience in the not-for-profit sector where he focused on environmental issues, international development and foreign aid to help clients with their CSR and community relations needs.

Adrienne Simic Vice President

Adrienne Simic is clever, sets her sights on bold ideas and tells it like it is. Just when you think that all possible angles have been considered, Adrienne will come up with a fresh point of view. For more than 15 years, her honest and fearless approach to communications has made Adrienne a trusted advisor to some of Media Profile's longest term corporate and consumer clients. They appreciate her uncanny ability to step into their shoes and masterfully march them to success.

Stephanie Bell Vice President

Stephanie Bell is, in a word, trusted. A 15-year veteran of the agency world, Stephanie's clients praise her excellent customer service and love her attention to every detail. Stephanie has worked for some of the world's biggest brands, particularly in the healthcare, professional services and technology sectors. Whether building a national media relations program or cultivating grassroots initiatives, Stephanie helps her clients build strong relationships with their communities and stakeholders.

Nelli Sofiyenko Director of Finance

Nelli Sofiyenko is responsible for the financial health of our company. With nearly 10 years at the helm of Media Profile's financial and accounting functions, Nelli champions our transparent approach to billing and financial management to ensure our clients receive full value for their investment in public relations. Nelli shares her expertise with all team members, making sure everyone embraces our commitment to integrity in all of our financial practices.

Christopher Wood Vice President

Christopher Wood is a critical-thinker whose advice is always based on understanding a communications challenge from all angles. Backed by 16 years of agency experience, Chris has worked with a diverse range of start-up and well-known companies in consumer, technology and B2B spaces. Chris is passionate about learning and when he's not drafting a speech or strategic plan, he is working with the Media Profile team to grow their knowledge base.